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Below are links to MASA Players performing Specific Soccer Skills. Parents, MASA recommends that you watch them first and then show the kids.  These are great skills to learn to improve skills otherwise known as touch.  

Juggling Skills
We recommend that players learn to juggle the ball as soon as possible.
1) Start with dropping the ball on a knee and then catching it.
2) dropping the ball onto foot then catching it.
3) try to get multiple knees/ kicks and catching.
4) Set personal targets

Juggling Tips:
- Try to get the ball spinning toward you from your foot.
- The ball should not hit you knee but your upper thigh.
- Your thigh needs to be parallel to the ground at the point of contact with the ball. If you leg is too high, the ball will fly over your shoulder. To low and the ball will race away.
- Ideally, the ball will not travel left or right too much but straight up and down. 
- Alternating legs as you get better increases the chances of getting higher numbers. Focus on this once the player has got above 15.
Here is a YouTube Video on Juggling

Below is a list of the current record holders for Juggling for MASA.
To get on the list, a coach must verify the juggling record or parents provide a video (must be wearing a MASA Shirt).

MASA Record Holders
Age Group BoysGirls 
 U14 Vinny Munizza - Fall 2020 - HS 100 
 U12 Christopher Broncato Fall 2017 HS-168 

MASA Keepy Uppy 100 Club
Vinny Munizza(U12 - 2020) Zach Balbach (U12 - 2018)Christopher Broncato (U12 2016)  Riley Nichols (U12 2016) Severin Dengle (U12 2006)   
Billy Sprott (U12 - 2018) Jon-Mark Balbach (U12 - 2018) Ryan Farrar (U12 2016) Ethan Bowland (U12 2016)  Brian Kaminski (U12 2006)   

A comprehensive list of skills is in the table below the MASA Section.

Disclaimer: The clips are hosted on YouTube. All advertisements and content without MASA logo has nothing to do with MASA so please supervise your kids when watching these videos.. 

List of Freestyle Skills

List of Skills

Difficulty Levels
1 - Easy/Moderate
2 - Hard 
3 - Very Hard

We will be adding more YouTube Links soon.

 DifficultyNameDescription                     YouTube Link
 1Inside CutCut Shield accelerate
 1Outside CutReach Cut Shield Accelerate
 1LungeLunge and cut opposite direction
 1Double LungeLunge onside then the other then outside of foot
 1Pull BackPull back and accelerate
 1Slap CutRoll Turn and Block then Take away
 1Double CutOutside Cut then Inside Cut. Min steps
 1Twist Off - PivotExtension of the inside cut. Shields the ball.
 1Single ScissorsSteps over and move
 1Double ScissorsSteps over repeat and move
 1Ball RollBall Roll and inside cut
 2NutmegBall between opponents legs
 1V MoveDrag pivot push
 1Cruyff TurnInside drag behind standing leg
 2ElasticoOutside then inside of foot.
 1MatthewsInside -Inside in one step
 1Lift Step and GoFake Matthews
 1Ronaldo Turn / OkachaDrag across body and step over
 1RivelinoJump over then outside of foot move ball away
 2RouletteDrag rotate and Drag
 2Reverse ElasticoInside of foot then outside
 3Hocus PocusWeak foot stepover. Cross legs. Hot outside foot
 1Back Pull CutBack pull then cut
 1Scoop TurnScoop 90 degrees across body
 1Outside InsideRoll in the slap cut out
 1Ball drag out.Cut the drag behind opposite foot.
 2Neymar TurnTrap rotate back heel spin blind side
 2AdrianoPull drag behind drag back roll out
 1Heel chopJump over ball and inside heel chop
 2One Foot RouletteInside drag and rotate.
 2Fake Rabona turn.Ramona with top of foot roll out
 1McGeady spinDrag rotate outside of foot
 2McGeady combo.Double step over followed by McGready Spin
 1Burba turnInside cut rotate. Inside cut
 1Heel to ToeOutside of foot - tap forward - turn foot away
 3Double AKKAOut in out in
 2Drag back rewind.Cruyff. Drag across in front. Pull back.
 2Reverse step over double tapReverse step over. Pull then Push.
 1Basic SwitchDrag heel. Drag heel
 1Touch BackDiagonal drag. Inside heel back
 2The Triangle.Drag across front
 1Cut Matthews.Mathews backwards cut
 2Ziki Zaka
 1Turbo Cut 
 3Samba flick
1Double touch
 3Malouda flick
 3Super Vortex
 1 Side breaker
 2Hyper pass
3Tornado Twist
 3Air Elastico
 3Akka 3000
1Waka waka
2In Air Rainbow
2Elastico chop
 2Knee twist

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