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Coach Training and Background Checks

Background Checks and Coach Training Overview

All coaches will need the to complete the following five (5) steps:

These steps must be completed straight away and are quick to complete:
Step 1) Head Coaches and Assistant Coaches to compete the background checks and upload to PAWest Website. The background checks take only a few minutes to complete and the results come back very quickly.
Step 2) Head Coaches, Assistant Coaches and Team Managers to complete the Safesport Online training.  
Step 3) All certificates to be posted to PAWest Affinity system. Click Here to register and upload certificates: 
Coaches that are already in the system but have expiring background checks will need to contact Cheryl at PAWest to have your old certificates removed before you can upload the new ones. 

Note: there has been some confusion due to MASA's Coach Registration and PAWest Coach Registration systems not talking to each other (both are owned by same company). When you volunteer as a coach during your child's registration, you are registering yourself as a coach ONLY in the MASA System. However, you still need to register as a coach PAWest system and reupload your documents.  It is a pain but hopefully the software company will resolve the issue soon!

See details below on how to accomplish these steps.

These steps are to be completed soon after completing Steps 1-3 above.
Step 4) Head Coaches and Assistant Coaches to complete the Grassroots Introduction course online ( - Create Account - select Introduction)

Step 5)  U5, U6 and U8 In-house Head Coaches will receive initial coaching by MASA at the beginning of the season. MASA recommends Assistant Coaches attend as well if possible. In-house & Travel Head Coaches U10+ to complete the PAWest In-Person and Online training.

Note: MASA will reimburse coaches for PAWest Courses and Background Checks (You pay and submit receipt to Treasurer). 

Background Checks Details (Step 1) 

The PA Child Protective Services Law requires all coaches and volunteers involved with youth organizations complete the following steps: 

1): Complete This P.A.T.C.H. Form

State Police Criminal Record Check  PA State Police Criminal Record Check (P.A.T.C.H.). This is at no charge.

2: Complete the PA Child Abuse Clearance Form
PA Child Abuse History Clearance PA Child Abuse Clearance Form (Cost $13 and reimbursable by MASA - email receipt to [email protected]).

3: FBI or Affidavit 

FBI - If you have NOT resided in PA continuously for the last ten years (<10 years) then please complete the FBI Criminal History Report,  Use code 'Volunteer' if required. You might need the following Service code to get finger prints: 1KG6ZJ. The nearest FBI is the IdentoGO Office (on right as you go through the doors). 2000 Cliff Mine Rd, Park West Two Ste 110 Pittsburgh, PA 15275-1008; Monday - Thursday: 12:00 PM - 03:00 PM & 03:30 PM - 06:50 PM. It is recommended to setup appointment online but they do take walk-in's. Takes only 5-10 minutes to complete process. Results are available very quickly (cost $50 reimbursable by MASA - email receipt to [email protected]).

Affidavit - If you have resided in PA continuously for the previous ten years (>10 years) then you only need to complete the Volunteer Qualification Affidavit form however it does need to be NOTARIZED: Nearest Notary is  the UPS Store - 5990 University Blvd, Moon, PA 15108 by Giant Eagle - business hours 8am-3:30pm Mon - Fri (cost is $10 reimbursable by MASA - email receipt to [email protected])

4: Register  (Upload) your information with PA West's Risk Management Group Website

Login/Register here: PA West Risk Management Registration

  • Click "Continue" button
  • Click "Register as Coach/Admin" next to your name
  • Select "Background Check" from the drop down
  • In the "Personal Information" section, click "Click here to show photo or certification upload"
  • Click the 3 boxes ("upload CY113","upload FBI BC","upload Residency Aff") and upload the corresponding documents from above by clicking the "Browse" button, selecting the file on your computer, then clicking the blue "Upload File" button
  • Once all three are uploaded, scroll to bottom of the popup box and click "Save"
  • You'll return to the "Register for (this season)" page. Click "Continue"
  • On the "Accept ELA" page, click "agree and continue"
  • On the "Make Payment" page, click "No Payment Due, Continue" button

You must complete a background check for MASA even if you hold clearances from other sports or school activities.  MASA will cover applicable incurred costs. 

Step 2) SafeSport Online Training

Please email Risk Manager for password to access the 1.5 hour mandatory course. Click Here. Additional info that you will need - "YC3E-6P5G-YYIL-CS2M". The Safesport certificate is good for one year.  The annual refresher takes about 20 minutes and will need to be uploaded to PAWest (same as background checks).

Step 3) Register with PAWest and Upload Certificates.

Register as a coach for the season and upload your certificates (from step 1 & 2). Click Here to register and upload certificates

Coach Training Details

Step 4) US Soccer Online Courses

MASA and PAWest require that the US Soccer "Free Introductory Course" is taken. The course takes approximately 20 minutes to complete .

Go to
Create an account and complete the "Introduction" course. 

Step 5) Scheduled In-Person Courses

U5, U6, & U8 In-house Coaches
MASA will provide an annual training session for U5, U6, & U8 in-house Head Coaches to learn 4v4 coaching. MASA recommends that  Assistant Coach also attend the training. This course is designed to get your coach training started. PAWest offers 4v4 online and In-person training for additional instruction and certification. Click here for more information on PAWest courses.  

U10+ Coaches
PA West In-person courses for training cost $60 per person. The courses are approximately four (4) hours long. MASA recommends coaches take the 11v11 course. Click here  for 11v11 Online  & 11 v 11 In-person
MASA Travel Head Coaches must attend PAWest Courses within one (1) year of being assigned to a team.







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