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Capital Improvement Program

The Capital Improvement Program is focused on improving soccer fields owned by MASA (Pronto and Minton).

Below is a list of projects that have recently been completed, are currently in progress, and are in our sights for potential future development. Please note that we are looking for additional funding/sponsorship for these potential future projects.

Completed Projects
FieldProject Year 
 Minton New gate for entrance  2017 
 General Popup goals  2017 
 General Small goals  2017 
 Pronto  New gate for entrance  2017 
 Pronto 20 ft high netting by 100 ft by car park 2017
 Pronto Drainage southeast corner
 Pronto Removal of trees by road  2018
 Pronto 200 ft drainage at foot of hillside by road   2018
 Pronto Installation of groundwater abstraction well   2018
 Pronto Installation of groundwater pump  2019
 Pronto Installation of shed (pump house)  2019
 Hyde U10 Goals (1 set) 2019
 Minton 300ft drainline on hillside 2019
 Pronto Benches at Minton 2019
 Pronto Electric panel to shed 2019
 Pronto New sign for Pronto field entrance 2019 
 Pronto Installation of electric service  2019
 Pronto New U11/12 Goals (1 set) 2019 
 Endeavor New U8 Goals (1 set) 2019
 Hyde / 
 New U8 Large goal nets X10   2020
 Pronto Benches at Pronto  2020
 Pronto Field drainage for U12 and U10 2020
 Minton Gravel Parking Lot 2020
 Minton Field Sign  2020
 Pronto Gravel Parking Lot  2020
 Pronto New signs for field and parking lot  2020
 Pronto Remove 7 trees by parking lot 2020 
 Pronto Sprinkler (Irrigation) System  2020
 Minton Fixed water and sprinkler 2020
 Pronto Cellphone  Booster 2020
 Pronto 2 x (20ft x 80ft) fence for U10 field 2020
 Pronto 4x wheels for goals  2020
 Whispering Wood  2x Wheels for Goals  2020
 Pronto  1 x (20ft x 80ft) fence for U10 field 2021
 Pronto  1 x (6ft x 50ft)  by creek 2021

In Progress
FieldProject Year 
 Pronto Garage/shelter/bathroom/concession building 2022

Proposed Future Projects / Wish List (additional funding / sponsorship)
FieldProjectEstimated Budget 
 Pronto Building $70,000
 Pronto  Parking lights $15,000
 General U11/12 Goals x 2 (PA West New Sizes)  $5,000

Installation of Groundwater Abstraction Well at Pronto

20 Ft High Fence at Pronto

New Gate at Pronto

Cutting Trees at Pronto

Installing Drain Northern Boundary at Pronto

Installing Drains at Minton

Reseeding Area at Minton

Installing Groundwater Pump at Pronto

Installing Shed (Pump House) at Pronto

New U10 Goals for Hyde

Benches at Minton

Installation of trench, electric wire, conduit, fiber optic cable to pump house at Pronto

Installing the Electric Wire at Pronto

Electric Panel Installation at Pronto.

New Sign at Pronto

New Hydroblox (Curtain) Field Drains at Pronto.

Gravel Lot and Clear Vegetation Minton Carpark

New Sign at Minton

Pronto Sprinkler / irrigation System (below ground)

U10 Fence South Pronto

Pronto - Wheels for Goals

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